One very important part of your website is the Meta description. This is grey text found under the page title of your website listing in Googles search results ( See picture below) The Meta Description describes what your website page is about. Every page on your website can have and should have a unique Meta Description.


Not only does this provide Google with key information on what keywords to rank your webpage for it also provides useful information to Googles visitors. The Meta description needs to be relevant to the page and clear to users describing what you page is about. It is a great place to add the keywords that your want to be ranked for. However, be careful, over use of keywords in the Meta Description can work against you and reduce your overall website rank on Google.


To control what users can write within the Meta Description, Google suggest an amount of characters that can be used. Up until now, the character limit has been 155. We have just discover that this has been increase to 300 characters.


Having an SEO agent working for you, like ourselves, will insure your website keeps up to date with all the changes that happen regularly on search engines, such as Google.


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