For quite some time Google and other search engines have prioritised websites that provide a superb customer experience. One of the ranking factors that search engines look at is the load time of a website.


If a website takes a long time to load visitors leave and try another, this is a poor customer experience. Google and other search engines do not want to rank poor websites at the top of their search listings. 


So you have a website, how does it perform from Googles standpoint? Click here to run the FREE Google speed test.


How did you do? Do you need to improve your website speed? Here is our top tip on how to speed up your web pages!


Smaller images sizes


When we talk about smaller image sizes we are not referring to the physical width and height of the image, what we are referring to is the file size. The large the file the longer it will take to load , particularly on mobile phones using 3g.


A superb free tool to reduce your file size can be found here:


TInyjpg is a superb free tool that will help you compress the file size and in turn make your website super quick.


This is just one way to speed your website up, some require more technical methods or it may simply be the way your website has been constructed that is causing slow load times.


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